Monday, July 15, 2013

People’s Trust is There When You Need Them!

People’s Trust Insurance Company is a homeowner’s insurance company founded in 2008 with the objective of providing affordable insurance with premium service.  
Rapid Response Team is an affiliate partner to the company and provides quality mitigation and repair services. The Rapid Response Team is made up of trusted experts in water, fire, smoke and storm restoration and guarantees quality workmanship to satisfy all recovery and remodeling needs. All services are personalized specifically for the individual homeowner each and every time to fit their budget. To date, RRT has successfully completed over 1,000 jobs state-wide. In addition, Rapid Response Team offers 100% customers satisfaction and a 3 year guarantee.  Throughout the state of Florida, they currently have multiple stocked warehouses with tools, equipment and supplies as well as a fleet of fully equipped box trucks and vans in the case of an emergency or everyday claim.  There is also a team of full time project managers and technicians. Rapid Response Team is available to People’s Trust policyholders 24/7 to help make homes damage resistant prior to a storm or disaster as well as in the event of claim. People’s Trust wants their policyholders to feel comfortable that RRT will be available in their time of need. 
While the team offers immediate emergency response and triage, People’s Trust Insurance Company wants all people to know that preparation is the best strategy. To effectively aid all policyholders, the company has prepared documents that can be viewed on their website at and at Rapid Response Team website  

People’s Trust and Rapid Response Team also do practice runs prior to hurricane season and during hurricane season to make sure that all employees are up to speed on procedures and are ready in the event of a catastrophe.  With a fully trained staff, People’s Trust makes their policyholders feel confident that they will be cared for before or after a storm strikes. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

People’s Trust Insurance Company provides customer protection and quality savings!

Florida homeowner, Michael Gold, was moved to create a new insurance protection company when his homeowners insurance skyrocketed. Founded on the values of affordability and quality customer service, Gold founded People’s Trust Insurance Company to provide protection emphasized with saving, security and a positive experience to Florida residents.

People’s Trust sets themselves apart from other homeowners’ insurance agencies with their Rapid Response Team. Formed in 2009, the RRT was built on the sole basis of ensuring that customers’ homes were properly repaired. The RRT provides 24/7 Emergency Response and Mitigation Services in critical times of need and promises to efficiently restore all customers homes to pre-loss conditions or better. Other companies only promise to cover losses post-repair. With People’s Trust, customers can be comforted in knowing that their insurance company not only covers the losses, but actually repairs them. This helps keep premiums to a minimum by reducing and preventing fraud in the process as well as offering 100% customer satisfaction with a 3-year guarantee. With several fully stocked warehouses and trucks, the RRT is ready instantly and already has 1,000 successfully completed jobs on its record. With trusted experts in water, fire, smoke and storm restoration, customers can be comforted in knowing they will be assisted immediately following the storm.
Another unique quality about People’s Trust Insurance Company is that all employees work and live in Florida giving them the personal edge on knowledge and experience with the homes and disasters state-wide. With this exclusive familiarity and their mission is deliver superior service, People’s Trust is able to develop unprecedented programs to help homeowners in their time of need.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hurricane Preparedness presented by People’s Trust Insurance Company

People’s Trust Insurance Company (PTIC) wants to take time to inform you that Hurricane Season starts June 1st and runs through November 30th.   Preventative measures will decrease damages and increase safety in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane.  Now, is the time to prepare, and PTIC wants to offer some tips from FEMA.  FEMA has created many resources that PTIC believes can assist you with the best preparation.  They are listed below.  

Many things that are assumed to be simple can often result in disasters during a storm. For instance, people may think they know how to turn off their utilities, but have never tested it before.  PTIC urges you to have a plan in advance, and practice your strategy without waiting until last minute. Some examples of the utility shut-off practice list are below that homeowners should take time to learn and teach other able members of their family.  Children should never participate in this.  


Natural Gas shut-off procedure, this is one of the leading causes to fires during natural disasters.

Prepare for water shut-off and plan to buy water ahead of time for drinking, in the event the pipes are contaminated for a while after a storm.

Turn off electricity by locating your main circuit box to prevent electrical sparksthat could cause a fire.

For some helpful links to help you prepare for hurricane season please visit:  

Utility Shut-Off:

PTIC is a company that truly understands the concerns of living in Florida during hurricane season.  In the event of a loss, PTIC wants you to know you can rely on us to bring your life back to normal after the storm.

Take your first steps in being prepared for this hurricane season with People’s Trust Insurance CompanyAfter all, hurricane preparation is the best strategy!